Variable Label
PHC_ICV Intra-Cranial Volume
HMUSE_4 3rd Ventricle (B Hemisphere)
HMUSE_11 4th Ventricle (B Hemisphere)
HMUSE_23 Right Accumbens Area
HMUSE_30 Left Accumbens Area
HMUSE_31 Right Amygdala
HMUSE_32 Left Amygdala
HMUSE_35 Brain Stem (B Hemisphere)
HMUSE_36 Right Caudate
HMUSE_37 Left Caudate
HMUSE_38 Right Cerebellum Exterior
HMUSE_39 Left Cerebellum Exterior
HMUSE_40 Right Cerebellum White Matter
HMUSE_41 Left Cerebellum White Matter
HMUSE_47 Right Hippocampus
HMUSE_48 Left Hippocampus
HMUSE_49 Right Inf Lat Vent
HMUSE_50 Left Inf Lat Vent
HMUSE_51 Right Lateral Ventricle
HMUSE_52 Left Lateral Ventricle
HMUSE_55 Right Pallidum
HMUSE_56 Left Pallidum
HMUSE_57 Right Putamen
HMUSE_58 Left Putamen
HMUSE_59 Right Thalamus Proper
HMUSE_60 Left Thalamus Proper
HMUSE_61 Right Ventral DC
HMUSE_62 Left Ventral DC
HMUSE_71 Cerebellar Vermal Lobules I-V (B Hemisphere)
HMUSE_72 Cerebellar Vermal Lobules VI-VII (B Hemisphere)
HMUSE_73 Cerebellar Vermal Lobules VIII-X (B Hemisphere)
HMUSE_75 Left Basal Forebrain
HMUSE_76 Right Basal Forebrain
HMUSE_81 Frontal lobe WM right
HMUSE_82 Frontal lobe WM left
HMUSE_83 Occipital lobe WM right
HMUSE_84 Occipital lobe WM left
HMUSE_85 Parietal lobe WM right
HMUSE_86 Parietal lobe WM left
HMUSE_87 Temporal lobe WM right
HMUSE_88 Temporal lobe WM left
HMUSE_89 Fornix right
HMUSE_90 Fornix left
HMUSE_91 Anterior limb of internal capsule right
HMUSE_92 Anterior limb of internal capsule left
HMUSE_93 Posterior limb of internal capsule inc. cerebral peduncle right
HMUSE_94 Posterior limb of internal capsule inc. cerebral peduncle left
HMUSE_95 Corpus callosum (B Hemisphere)
HMUSE_100 Right ACgG - anterior cingulate gyrus
HMUSE_101 Left ACgG - anterior cingulate gyrus
HMUSE_102 Right AIns - anterior insula
HMUSE_103 Left AIns - anterior insula
HMUSE_104 Right AOrG - anterior orbital gyrus
HMUSE_105 Left AOrG - anterior orbital gyrus
HMUSE_106 Right AnG - angular gyrus
HMUSE_107 Left AnG - angular gyrus
HMUSE_108 Right Calc - calcarine cortex
HMUSE_109 Left Calc - calcarine cortex
HMUSE_112 Right CO - central operculum
HMUSE_113 Left CO - central operculum
HMUSE_114 Right Cun - cuneus
HMUSE_115 Left Cun - cuneus
HMUSE_116 Right Ent - entorhinal area
HMUSE_117 Left Ent - entorhinal area
HMUSE_118 Right FO - frontal operculum
HMUSE_119 Left FO - frontal operculum
HMUSE_120 Right FRP - frontal pole
HMUSE_121 Left FRP - frontal pole
HMUSE_122 Right FuG - fusiform gyrus
HMUSE_123 Left FuG - fusiform gyrus
HMUSE_124 Right GRe - gyrus rectus
HMUSE_125 Left GRe - gyrus rectus
HMUSE_128 Right IOG - inferior occipital gyrus
HMUSE_129 Left IOG - inferior occipital gyrus
HMUSE_132 Right ITG - inferior temporal gyrus
HMUSE_133 Left ITG - inferior temporal gyrus
HMUSE_134 Right LiG - lingual gyrus
HMUSE_135 Left LiG - lingual gyrus
HMUSE_136 Right LOrG - lateral orbital gyrus
HMUSE_137 Left LOrG - lateral orbital gyrus
HMUSE_138 Right MCgG - middle cingulate gyrus
HMUSE_139 Left MCgG - middle cingulate gyrus
HMUSE_140 Right MFC - medial frontal cortex
HMUSE_141 Left MFC - medial frontal cortex
HMUSE_142 Right MFG - middle frontal gyrus
HMUSE_143 Left MFG - middle frontal gyrus
HMUSE_144 Right MOG - middle occipital gyrus
HMUSE_145 Left MOG - middle occipital gyrus
HMUSE_146 Right MOrG - medial orbital gyrus
HMUSE_147 Left MOrG - medial orbital gyrus
HMUSE_148 Right MPoG - postcentral gyrus medial segment
HMUSE_149 Left MPoG - postcentral gyrus medial segment
HMUSE_150 Right MPrG - precentral gyrus medial segment
HMUSE_151 Left MPrG - precentral gyrus medial segment
HMUSE_152 Right MSFG - superior frontal gyrus medial segment
HMUSE_153 Left MSFG - superior frontal gyrus medial segment
HMUSE_154 Right MTG - middle temporal gyrus
HMUSE_155 Left MTG - middle temporal gyrus
HMUSE_156 Right OCP - occipital pole
HMUSE_157 Left OCP - occipital pole
HMUSE_160 Right OFuG - occipital fusiform gyrus
HMUSE_161 Left OFuG - occipital fusiform gyrus
HMUSE_162 Right OpIFG opercular part of the inferior frontal gyrus
HMUSE_163 Left OpIFG opercular part of the inferior frontal gyrus
HMUSE_164 Right OrIFG orbital part of the inferior frontal gyrus
HMUSE_165 Left OrIFG orbital part of the inferior frontal gyrus
HMUSE_166 Right PCgG - posterior cingulate gyrus
HMUSE_167 Left PCgG - posterior cingulate gyrus
HMUSE_168 Right PCu - precuneus
HMUSE_169 Left PCu - precuneus
HMUSE_170 Right PHG - parahippocampal gyrus
HMUSE_171 Left PHG - parahippocampal gyrus
HMUSE_172 Right PIns - posterior insula
HMUSE_173 Left PIns - posterior insula
HMUSE_174 Right PO - parietal operculum
HMUSE_175 Left PO - parietal operculum
HMUSE_176 Right PoG - postcentral gyrus
HMUSE_177 Left PoG - postcentral gyrus
HMUSE_178 Right POrG - posterior orbital gyrus
HMUSE_179 Left POrG - posterior orbital gyrus
HMUSE_180 Right PP - planum polare
HMUSE_181 Left PP - planum polare
HMUSE_182 Right PrG - precentral gyrus
HMUSE_183 Left PrG - precentral gyrus
HMUSE_184 Right PT - planum temporale
HMUSE_185 Left PT - planum temporale
HMUSE_186 Right SCA - subcallosal area
HMUSE_187 Left SCA - subcallosal area
HMUSE_190 Right SFG - superior frontal gyrus
HMUSE_191 Left SFG - superior frontal gyrus
HMUSE_192 Right SMC - supplementary motor cortex
HMUSE_193 Left SMC - supplementary motor cortex
HMUSE_194 Right SMG - supramarginal gyrus
HMUSE_195 Left SMG - supramarginal gyrus
HMUSE_196 Right SOG - superior occipital gyrus
HMUSE_197 Left SOG - superior occipital gyrus
HMUSE_198 Right SPL - superior parietal lobule
HMUSE_199 Left SPL - superior parietal lobule
HMUSE_200 Right STG - superior temporal gyrus
HMUSE_201 Left STG - superior temporal gyrus
HMUSE_202 Right TMP - temporal pole
HMUSE_203 Left TMP - temporal pole
HMUSE_204 Right TrIFG triangular part of the inferior frontal gyrus
HMUSE_205 Left TrIFG triangular part of the inferior frontal gyrus
HMUSE_206 Right TTG - transverse temporal gyrus
HMUSE_207 Left TTG - transverse temporal gyrus
HMUSE_301 Frontal Inferior Gray Matter
HMUSE_302 Frontal Insular Gray Matter
HMUSE_303 Frontal Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_304 Frontal Medial Gray Matter
HMUSE_305 Frontal Opercular Gray Matter
HMUSE_306 Limbic Cingulate Gray Matter
HMUSE_307 Limbic Medialtemporal Gray Matter
HMUSE_308 Occipital Inferior Gray Matter
HMUSE_309 Occipital Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_310 Occipital Medial Gray Matter
HMUSE_311 Parietal Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_312 Parietal Medial Gray Matter
HMUSE_313 Temporal Inferior Gray Matter
HMUSE_314 Temporal Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_315 Temporal Supratemporal Gray Matter
HMUSE_316 Left Frontal Inferior Gray Matter
HMUSE_317 Left Frontal Insular Gray Matter
HMUSE_318 Left Frontal Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_319 Left Frontal Medial Gray Matter
HMUSE_320 Left Frontal Opercular Gray Matter
HMUSE_321 Left Limbic Cingulate Gray Matter
HMUSE_322 Left Limbic Medialtemporal Gray Matter
HMUSE_323 Left Occipital Inferior Gray Matter
HMUSE_324 Left Occipital Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_325 Left Occipital Medial Gray Matter
HMUSE_326 Left Parietal Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_327 Left Parietal Medial Gray Matter
HMUSE_328 Left Temporal Inferior Gray Matter
HMUSE_329 Left Temporal Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_330 Left Temporal Supratemporal Gray Matter
HMUSE_331 Right Frontal Inferior Gray Matter
HMUSE_332 Right Frontal Insular Gray Matter
HMUSE_333 Right Frontal Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_334 Right Frontal Medial Gray Matter
HMUSE_335 Right Frontal Opercular Gray Matter
HMUSE_336 Right Limbic Cingulate Gray Matter
HMUSE_337 Right Limbic Medialtemporal Gray Matter
HMUSE_338 Right Occipital Inferior Gray Matter
HMUSE_339 Right Occipital Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_340 Right Occipital Medial Gray Matter
HMUSE_341 Right Parietal Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_342 Right Parietal Medial Gray Matter
HMUSE_343 Right Temporal Inferior Gray Matter
HMUSE_344 Right Temporal Lateral Gray Matter
HMUSE_345 Right Temporal Supratemporal Gray Matter
HMUSE_401 Basal Ganglia
HMUSE_402 Deep Gray Matter
HMUSE_403 Deep White Matter
HMUSE_404 Frontal Gray Matter
HMUSE_405 Frontal White Matter
HMUSE_406 Limbic Gray Matter
HMUSE_407 Occipital Gray Matter
HMUSE_408 Occipital White Matter
HMUSE_409 Parietal Gray Matter
HMUSE_410 Parietal White
HMUSE_411 Temporal Gray Matter
HMUSE_412 Temporal White Matter
HMUSE_413 Left Basal Ganglia
HMUSE_414 Left Deep Gray Matter
HMUSE_415 Left Deep White Matter
HMUSE_416 Left Frontal Gray Matter
HMUSE_417 Left Frontal White Matter
HMUSE_418 Left Limbic Gray Matter
HMUSE_419 Left Occipital Gray Matter
HMUSE_420 Left Occipital White Matter
HMUSE_421 Left Parietal Gray Matter
HMUSE_422 Left Parietal White Matter
HMUSE_423 Left Temporal Gray Matter
HMUSE_424 Left Temporal White Matter
HMUSE_425 Right Basal Ganglia
HMUSE_426 Right Deep Gray Matter
HMUSE_427 Right Deep White Matter
HMUSE_428 Right Frontal Gray Matter
HMUSE_429 Right Frontal White Matter
HMUSE_430 Right Limbic Gray Matter
HMUSE_431 Right Occipital Gray Matter
HMUSE_432 Right Occipital White Matter
HMUSE_433 Right Parietal Gray Matter
HMUSE_434 Right Parietal White Matter
HMUSE_435 Right Temporal Gray Matter
HMUSE_436 Right Temporal White Matter
HMUSE_501 Corpus Callosum
HMUSE_502 Cerebellum
HMUSE_503 Deep White Matter Gray Matter
HMUSE_504 Fronal
HMUSE_505 Limbic
HMUSE_506 Occipital
HMUSE_507 Parietal
HMUSE_508 Temporal
HMUSE_509 Ventricle
HMUSE_510 Left Cerebellum
HMUSE_511 Left Deep White Matter Gray Matter
HMUSE_512 Left Frontal
HMUSE_513 Left Limbic
HMUSE_514 Left Occipital
HMUSE_515 Left Parietal
HMUSE_516 Left Temporal
HMUSE_517 Left Ventricle
HMUSE_518 Right Cerebellum
HMUSE_519 Right Deep White Matter Gray Matter
HMUSE_520 Right Frontal
HMUSE_521 Right Limbic
HMUSE_522 Right Occipital
HMUSE_523 Right Parietal
HMUSE_524 Right Temporal
HMUSE_525 Right Ventricle
HMUSE_601 Gray Matter
HMUSE_604 White Matter
HMUSE_606 Left Gray Matter
HMUSE_607 Left White Matter
HMUSE_613 Right Gray Matter
HMUSE_614 Right White Matter
HMUSE_701 Total Brain